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Hi, my name is Tina and I welcome you to Hraani Spirit.  

In 2016 I took a giant leap of faith and purchased Hraani Spirit.  A huge life change for me, having worked in the corporate world for some 30 odd years.  I am a Mum of busy twin boys, and we thrive with an active lifestyle on the beautiful Far South Coast of New South Wales.  One lesson I have learnt from this big leap, is that your soul is more content when you are true to your heart and follow your life’s journey.  

My vision for Hraani Spirit is to create a beautiful space with a feeling of peace and calmness.  My hope is that customers can enjoy leisurely browsing the shelves and find something different or unique.  We have a large collection of beautiful quality crystals, Himalayan salt lamps, various spiritual tools to assist one’s spiritual journey, some local artwork, quality giftware, quirky clothing and locally created upcycled furniture.  

We have our very own local psychic reader for personal guidance, and several Practitioners available who provide various types of healing sessions to suit individual needs (including Intuitive Tibetan Reiki Massage, Chakra Clearing & Balancing, Past Life Regression, Crystal Healing, etc).  From time to time, we have out of town Practitioners that visit and bring a bit of their own magic to our Healing Room.

Hraani Spirit also provides a safe space for Personal/Spiritual Development Workshops (ie Angelic Reiki, Past Life Regression, Working with Crystals, just to name a few).  These Workshops are taught by qualified Spiritual Teachers who are willing to help and share their knowledge and wisdom with us.  

There are many new changes in the wind, and I look forward to sharing them with you in the near future.  

I hope you enjoy your visit to Hraani Spirit

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