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Consultation Fees



Adults Consultation WITH Reiki Energetic Healing ~ $125

Duration: Up to 1 hour 15 minutes


Your Session will start with discussion to ascertain how I can

support you and what your current needs are.  You will be

offered guidance to get to the root cause, gain awareness and

understanding around your emotions, beliefs and possible thought

patterns, and tools (homework if needed) to self-support yourself

moving forward. Depending on reasons for seeking support, we can

create a plan for your now and future healing journey.

Reiki is highly recommended following an initial consultation as a tool to help "shift" energetic trauma, emotions and stuck energies that stop the flow of internal balance, following initial discussion.  It can help lift the energetic load and clear the way for inner healing.  Energetic healing can give immense calmness on all levels - which is beneficial for anxiety, tension, depression, sleep issues (the list is limitless!).  Our emotions sit "energetically" within us, Reiki is an energetic healing that can reach emotions and past traumas that words and conversation can't always reach.  Mention at time of booking if you prefer not to have Reiki.

 Note: Mention at time of booking if you prefer not to have Reiki


1 Hour Reiki Chill Session ~ $100

Duration:  1 hour

Perfect for those of us with crazy days, overwhelmed with life, or just struggling to have our own personal selfcare needs met.  Or, for those who have never experienced a Reiki/Energy Healing Session - but quietly curious!

Session starts with a brief chat, how the Client is doing in their current life.  We can achieve total calmness, on all levels, internal balance and clarity.  You will experience an amazing sense of grounding and a whole lot lighter both physically and mentally.

This is perfect for those who are experiencing anxiety, overwhelm, ongoing physical pain, and so much more.  It's completely safe and suitable for all ages.

Teens & Youth (high school age, up to 20 years) ~ $85

Duration:  Up to 1hour


This Session includes Reiki Healing, mention at time of booking if you prefer not to have this.

Children (primary school aged) with Reiki ~ $65

Duration:  30-45mins

Seniors/Veterans Cardholders Discount

10% discount off Initial Consultation 

Mention at time of booking


Give the Gift of Healing ~ a beautiful Gift for someone Special.  Contact for more information.

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