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Healing Bath Salts

Hraani Spirit’s Bath Salts have been created to help improve the way we relax and add joy to our Self Care and Self Loving bathing rituals.

Each Blend has its own healing purpose.  A magical blend of carefully selected pure Essential Oils, matching botanicals, combined with quality Himalayan and Epsom Salts ~ mixed together with love and care to create a luxurious healing experience.  Each Bath Salt is matched perfectly with a gorgeous crystal that resonates perfectly with healing intentions.

Run your bath, light a candle, and play your favourite music, then gently slip into the bath, hold your crystal to your heart, and surrender to a magical journey of self healing on all levels

~ mind, body, soul ~


Handmade Sugar Scrubs

The sweet benefits of using Sugar Scrubs!

Sugar is a gentle exfoliant for our skin, assisting to reveal a new layer of glowing healthy skin.  It is a natural source of glycolic acid, that is known to reduce the signs of aging, evens skin tone and removes dead skin cells.

Organic Raw Sugar, combined with Organic Coconut oil and pure essential oils creates a gentle exfoliant for our skin, leaving it feeling naturally moisturised without that gluggy heaviness that synthetically made moisturisers can leave our skin feeling.  It is a great natural moisturiser for the skin leaving you feeling silky smooth, and loved all over.

The scrubs come in three different blends with a beautiful light fragrance and are so natural, they are good enough to eat!


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