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Online Support Sessions

What to expect


Support Sessions are held via Zoom ~ 1 hour duration.  The Sessions I provide are very much the same online as they are in person.  Combining Talk&Support and Distant Reiki Energy Healing.


While every Client’s needs are unique to themselves, ideally my Sessions start off with connecting with the Client in a safe and comfortable space.  From there I can give the Client support, advice, and simple tips and tools that they can take away with at the end of the Session – this may take up to apprx 30mins depending on the Client’s needs.


The rest of the Session we invite Reiki Energy Healing.  I love combining Talk&Support and Reiki together, as Reiki can play an important role during the Session.  Reiki can help shift an enormous weight that the Client may be carrying.  It can give clarity and calmness while balancing our internal energies, which will in turn gives us great inner balance.  Reiki can help with “shifting” blocked emotions and traumas that are no longer serving.  As Reiki Energy is fluid, distant healing is highly effective.  This makes it such a gift to offer this support worldwide (assuming time zones work in of course!).


Mindful that Energy Healing is not for everyone (although I highly recommend it!), full one hour Online Talk&Support Sessions are always available.  Happy to discuss this at the time of booking.


If this is of interest to you or someone you know in need of Support, please reach out.


Facebook & Instagram: @hraanispirt


Or via the Contact form below


Be Well



  • Reiki Practitioner

  • Mental Health First Aider (Accredited)

  • Youth Mental Health First Aider (Accredited)

  • Wellness Mentor/Coach

  • Mum of Teens

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