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The word “addiction” derives back to the Roman times of slavery, known as “addictus”. Back in the day, when someone committed a petty crime that guilty person was assigned to the person who they owed the debt to – they became bound as a slave and sentenced to physical hard labour to repay the debt (more often than not, that debt came with physical punishment and tortures). That “debt slave” was known as an “addictus”.

So, when we look at addictions in the modern world, it’s when we become attached to something outside of us that has a negative impact on our health and wellbeing. This can be seen as a type of self-punishment. Addictions can look totally different to all of us. Just to name a few common addictions:

  • Food addictions

  • Substance Abuse (smoking, drugs, alcohol)

  • Self-harm

  • Gambling

  • Shopping

  • Gaming

  • Drama/Gossip

  • Work

People may or may not know they are addicted. The symptoms that indicate you, or someone you know, has an addiction include:

  • repeating a behaviour even though it interferes with your life

  • stealing or selling things to afford to continue the addictive behaviour

  • losing interest in other things that once brought joy

  • being angry, violent, moody, or depressed

  • seeing changes in eating habits, sleeping habits or weight

  • feeling physically unwell or shaky when trying to quit.

Depending on the type of addiction, the person receives temporary joy, a feeling of excitement, or numbness that deters their mind from current or past experiences.

Like an "addictus" we can become our own "debt slave" to our traumas and emotions through our addictions. Perhaps from past experiences, which we had no control of, suddenly gives us a sense of control that we are in our own power. No one is forcing this addiction upon us except us, it's something that we can do ourselves through our actions.

Until we can identify and dig into those traumas or past experiences that have created those addictions in the first place, only then can we start taking steps towards healing addictions.

Healing our past experiences and emotions as we meander through our lives is so important.

Those experiences are to help us learn and grow, let's not let our experiences destroy the rest of our lives and future……. It’s how and when we grow from those experiences that we can truly find the magic.

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Grounding is a process that gives us the feeling of being strong, in control and in our power. It’s a practice that, once upon a time, came naturally. It’s an essential practice for our wellbeing on all levels.

Grounding is something we greatly lack in our everyday life, which many of us are becoming more and more aware of. We were born to be out and about nature. Nature is healing for our mind, body and soul. It’s what gives us internal balance, it refreshes our energy (inside out). When our grounding is lacking or out of balance that is when sickness can creep in – physical, emotionally and/or mental sickness.

Our current daily practices – work, school, home life etc has us needing to be indoors more and more which has disconnected us from the Earth the magical healing it provides. With so much more research, we are more aware of the consequences it has on our Mental wellbeing.

Our little people are our greatest Teachers - when they're stuck inside too long they can be irritable, angry, grisly, hyperactive (cabin fever!) Children are at their happiest when they're outside running around, laughing, climbing trees, using their imaginations! Adults need this too......

How lack of grounding can affect us:

· Headaches

· Stress/Anxiety

· Nightmares

· Depression/PTSD

· Paranoia

· Procrastination

· Sadness

· Skin rashes

· Negative mindset

· Fear/Trauma

We really need to make this an essential practice every day! Put it in your diary, make it a habit!

Simple Ways to get Grounded……..

  • In Nature – go for a walk, sit on the beach, sit in the garden, run around, lay on the grass, look at the sky.

  • Remember to Breathe – find a comfortable place outside – take long, slow and deep breaths in through your nose, and slowly breathe out of your mouth. Clean your lungs and fill them with fresh air. This will make you feel refreshed and energised.

  • Hug a Tree! Feel it’s power, and feel the miracles of nature.

  • Ocean – swimming in the ocean cleanses our energy and brings internal energetic balance.

  • Barefeet on the grass – close your eyes, feel it, and breathe!

  • Eat lots of vegetables with roots. These vegies will help you ground your own roots. And they’re healthy!

  • Reiki is a powerful grounding experience that gives calmness on our whole Being. Book a Reiki Session now - with Me!

So head outside today - make it part of your daily life, and be the powerful being you were meant to be!

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Q&A Reiki Energy Healing

Q. What is Reiki?

A. Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is an

ancient holistic healing that has been practiced in Japan since the 1800’s. The intention is to give healing to the mind, body and soul, and bring complete balance into our lives. Reiki is working with the purest and highest universal energies. Reiki is now practiced all over the world – many of the largest hospitals in the world now have Reiki Clinics within their hospitals to provide complimentary holistic care to patients, especially recommended for oncology patients.

Q. Is Reiki religious?

A. No, Reiki is neutral and has no dogma attached to it. It is pure universal energies.

Q. Does Reiki hurt or cause pain?

A. Definitely not ~ the intention of Reiki is to heal, not cause pain. It can be used to relieve pain, heal ongoing pain or injury and for pain management.

Q. Does Reiki suit all ages?

A. Absolutely! Reiki works for up to three days after a treatment. It’s gentle, subtle and powerful at the same time. It’s highly suitable for our little people and also our four legged fury family!

Q. Is it creepy woowoo?!

A. No! Well, not in my treatments! Woowoo works for some people (and I have no judgement!), but it doesn’t always resonate with me. I try to remove the “woowoo” labels and fears, and keep my sessions neutral while bringing this magical ancient healing into the modern world – making it suitable for all walks of life.

Q. Do you need to take off your clothes like for massage?

A. No, absolutely not! Fully clothed! I like to cover the Client with a blanket/cover to help my Clients feel safe and less vulnerable (as we can get quite cold during energy healing).

Q. Do you wave feathers and smoke during a Reiki Session?

A. Totally No! I don’t need to do this in my sessions, my Clinic space and Client’s energies are fully safe and protected. I am a Crystal Reiki Master, so I may be partial to the odd crystal though!

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