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The Healing Power of Grounding


Grounding is a process that gives us the feeling of being strong, in control and in our power. It’s a practice that, once upon a time, came naturally. It’s an essential practice for our wellbeing on all levels.

Grounding is something we greatly lack in our everyday life, which many of us are becoming more and more aware of. We were born to be out and about nature. Nature is healing for our mind, body and soul. It’s what gives us internal balance, it refreshes our energy (inside out). When our grounding is lacking or out of balance that is when sickness can creep in – physical, emotionally and/or mental sickness.

Our current daily practices – work, school, home life etc has us needing to be indoors more and more which has disconnected us from the Earth the magical healing it provides. With so much more research, we are more aware of the consequences it has on our Mental wellbeing.

Our little people are our greatest Teachers - when they're stuck inside too long they can be irritable, angry, grisly, hyperactive (cabin fever!) Children are at their happiest when they're outside running around, laughing, climbing trees, using their imaginations! Adults need this too......

How lack of grounding can affect us:

· Headaches

· Stress/Anxiety

· Nightmares

· Depression/PTSD

· Paranoia

· Procrastination

· Sadness

· Skin rashes

· Negative mindset

· Fear/Trauma

We really need to make this an essential practice every day! Put it in your diary, make it a habit!

Simple Ways to get Grounded……..

  • In Nature – go for a walk, sit on the beach, sit in the garden, run around, lay on the grass, look at the sky.

  • Remember to Breathe – find a comfortable place outside – take long, slow and deep breaths in through your nose, and slowly breathe out of your mouth. Clean your lungs and fill them with fresh air. This will make you feel refreshed and energised.

  • Hug a Tree! Feel it’s power, and feel the miracles of nature.

  • Ocean – swimming in the ocean cleanses our energy and brings internal energetic balance.

  • Barefeet on the grass – close your eyes, feel it, and breathe!

  • Eat lots of vegetables with roots. These vegies will help you ground your own roots. And they’re healthy!

  • Reiki is a powerful grounding experience that gives calmness on our whole Being. Book a Reiki Session now - with Me!

So head outside today - make it part of your daily life, and be the powerful being you were meant to be!

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