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Q & A ~ Reiki Energy Healing

Q&A Reiki Energy Healing

Q. What is Reiki?

A. Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is an

ancient holistic healing that has been practiced in Japan since the 1800’s. The intention is to give healing to the mind, body and soul, and bring complete balance into our lives. Reiki is working with the purest and highest universal energies. Reiki is now practiced all over the world – many of the largest hospitals in the world now have Reiki Clinics within their hospitals to provide complimentary holistic care to patients, especially recommended for oncology patients.

Q. Is Reiki religious?

A. No, Reiki is neutral and has no dogma attached to it. It is pure universal energies.

Q. Does Reiki hurt or cause pain?

A. Definitely not ~ the intention of Reiki is to heal, not cause pain. It can be used to relieve pain, heal ongoing pain or injury and for pain management.

Q. Does Reiki suit all ages?

A. Absolutely! Reiki works for up to three days after a treatment. It’s gentle, subtle and powerful at the same time. It’s highly suitable for our little people and also our four legged fury family!

Q. Is it creepy woowoo?!

A. No! Well, not in my treatments! Woowoo works for some people (and I have no judgement!), but it doesn’t always resonate with me. I try to remove the “woowoo” labels and fears, and keep my sessions neutral while bringing this magical ancient healing into the modern world – making it suitable for all walks of life.

Q. Do you need to take off your clothes like for massage?

A. No, absolutely not! Fully clothed! I like to cover the Client with a blanket/cover to help my Clients feel safe and less vulnerable (as we can get quite cold during energy healing).

Q. Do you wave feathers and smoke during a Reiki Session?

A. Totally No! I don’t need to do this in my sessions, my Clinic space and Client’s energies are fully safe and protected. I am a Crystal Reiki Master, so I may be partial to the odd crystal though!

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